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Summer Solstice Celebration at Shaman’s Grove

I haven’t been blogging lately or posting much on Facebook. I am slowly (and I mean slowly) recovering from a concussion. Physically I’m pretty much back to normal, but my poor little scrambled brain isn’t quite up to snuff. So, writing, email, etc. is a challenge. As soon as I’m feeling “normal” again, I’ll start writing. We wanted to get these flyers out to you so you can keep on top of upcoming events. Continue reading

Stepping into the Medicine Wheel – The South Gate

I just got our summer newsletter published and am finally getting the info into this blog as well… only 3 weeks into summer! I’m beginning to think that being behind is my normal state of affairs as I move through this mid portion of my life. One of these days I’ll move into those elder years and being behind won’t matter 🙂

Here is Phoenix, we are entering the “belly of the monssons” as of weather guesser put it last night. So, we are fully in the throws of summer here. It’s time for indoor activities or slow roasting outdoors. So, maybe I’m not so behind as I thought to discuss the south gate of the medicine wheel. (Hey, we can rationalize anything… right?)

In the winter we began our journey around the medicine wheel. You can read this information in the introduction to the medicine wheel in our spring newseltter. Although we usually enter the medicine wheel from the east gate you can enter anywhere that feels appropriate. So I invite you to begin your explorations here in the south gate.

The South Gate – Transformation and Passion Continue reading