About Deb

As an Asian Bodywork Therapist since 1992 and an instructor of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1996, Deb has always had a passion for helping heal others. Her healer heal-thyself attitude guided her to a lineage-trained Shaman in 1994 on Native American Spiritual Healing as a mentor. Finding her unique spiritual path and personal Spiritual Guides began to enhance her Asian therapy practice and teachings. Her Spiritual Guides encouraged her to continue training in the Shamanic way.

Today, Deb is a Shamanic Practitioner. She connects and works profoundly and safely with Spiritual Guides. She considers her path to being sacred and approaches her work with joy and humor. Deb and her Guides feel blessed to share opportunities about how to heal, build, and sustain health and well-being with great joy and laughter.