Soul Recovery-Soul Retrieval & Extraction

Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval

Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval are modern terms for one of many ancient shamanic healing practices. These ancient healing modalities have spanned time and are as relevant today as they were 45,000 years ago.

Often we encounter challenges that distance us from our true selves and weaken us when we allow these encounters to deplete our life force. These challenges range from simple day-to-day dramas or patterns to major life traumas. To preserve our self and our reality, we leave “pieces” of our life force or “soul being” behind. Soul Retrieval aids in recovering these “soul pieces” that are lost or taken (see FAQ).

The shaman journeys into altered state,with the aide of his/her guides, and is able to return these missing soul pieces, as well as information surrounding it. This information enables the person to learn more about themself and gives them additional tools to continue on their path to self-empowerment.


For the Shaman, all dis-ease of the physical body begins in the energy bodies. Blocks in the energy bodies can effect the movement of the chakras and energy throughout the body. They can also create stress on a system or organ. Over time, this stress causes the system to dysfunction. Extraction means to remove these ‘things” or energy blocks from the aura and/or chakras or energy body. These “things” or energy blocks can appear in all different forms — an object such as a dagger or an arrowhead, a snake or other animal or simply discoloration. Extraction of these blocks allows the energy system to operate more smoothly and increases vitality and life force.

Healing with Soul Retrieval and Extraction

Soul Retrieval and Extraction are helpful at times when you feel at a crossroad in your life — during a life crisis, relationship problems, depression and when you feel stuck. It is helpful for inner child work. It can also help when you have lost a loved one, when you reach a spiritual impasse or when you are preparing for a new phase in your life.

Everything that happens to us, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, impacts our Spirit. Soul Retrieval works at the deepest levels of your Spirit, providing you with tools for growth and self-empowerment.