Healing with Soul Retrieval and Extraction

For the Shaman, all dis-ease of the physical body begins at the energetic level. Life experiences such as childhood abuse, physical/mental/emotional abuse, divorce, loss of a loved one, or career dissolution can cause either soul splintering taking life-force with it, or create/obtain blockages. The range of these challenges can be from simple day-to-day dramas or patterns to major life traumas and depend on the client’s reaction to them. [See FAQs for examples]

Blocks caused by trauma affect the movement of the energy through the chakras and body and create stress on many levels. Long-term stress causes the system to dysfunction and can lead to disease. In the Shamanic community, Souls are the life-force or essence of all beings. When a piece of the soul leaves, it is a person’s life-force leaving. Loss of any part of the soul can create emotional/mental/physical challenges.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction can be helpful when you feel you are at a crossroads in life or spiritual impasse, dealing with a life crisis, relationship problems, PTSD, anxiety, or depression. It is also helpful for wounded inner-child or adult work. Ancient Shamanic practices still today help people navigate difficulties in life by shining light on their path. [See more for examples of Soul Loss]


  • Inability to release emotional trauma from the past
  • Not feeling “whole” like something is missing or not feeling altogether
  • Stuck in the past or mourning, unable to move on and be in the present
  • Blocks of memory loss – often from childhood
  • Wondering “Why am I here?” – no sense of direction, focus, purpose, or self
  • Emotional void – cannot cry, cannot feel – generally numb emotionally
  • Depression – of any kind
  • Sick since birth, especially during the first 12 years of life
  • Shame – which fuels loss of self-esteem/confidence, often caused in childhood
  • Schizophrenia or other kinds of psychotic break from reality
  • Addictions – of any kind – codependency

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