Choosing A Shaman

Choosing a shaman or shamanic practitioner is like choosing a doctor, dentist, acupuncturist or massage therapist. Not every practitioner will be the correct fit for you. Remember to ask all the practical questions, like those listed below, even if you’ve been given the practitioner’s name as a referral.  Most importantly, always listen to your heart and trust your intuition and you will know if the practitioner is a correct fit.

The practitioner performing the soul recovery is a tool of Spirit. Spirit uses a facilitator to work through, like a conduit or translator. We often refer to the shaman as a “bird dog”, going out to fetch the soul pieces to be returned.

Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) should not be done without permission of client either orally or by their chief guide. (There are some exceptions – see FAQ ) To do a journey without permission is disempowering to the person and violates their free will.

When choosing a shamanic practitioner . . .

  • Ask where did shaman learn soul recovery?
  • Look for the following:
    •  The practitioner’s intent “must” be for your greater good
    •  The process is not a “power trip” for the practitioner
    •  Helping you does not involve control
    •  Protects your confidentiality
    •  He/She honors your choices or guide’s choices
    •  He/She does not become entrapped in client created dramas
    •  He/She is nonjudgmental of your situation
    •  The practitioner deals honorably with negative energy
    •  He/She avoids the “fear trap”
  • Ask for references.
  • Ask yourself how you feel about the practitioner. What is your gut feeling?

Should any of this information make you feel uneasy or your inner voice raises a “red flag”, thank the prospective practitioner and find another practitioner that is more appropriate for you.