Stepping into the Medicine Wheel – The South Gate

I just got our summer newsletter published and am finally getting the info into this blog as well… only 3 weeks into summer! I’m beginning to think that being behind is my normal state of affairs as I move through this mid portion of my life. One of these days I’ll move into those elder years and being behind won’t matter 🙂

Here is Phoenix, we are entering the “belly of the monssons” as of weather guesser put it last night. So, we are fully in the throws of summer here. It’s time for indoor activities or slow roasting outdoors. So, maybe I’m not so behind as I thought to discuss the south gate of the medicine wheel. (Hey, we can rationalize anything… right?)

In the winter we began our journey around the medicine wheel. You can read this information in the introduction to the medicine wheel in our spring newseltter. Although we usually enter the medicine wheel from the east gate you can enter anywhere that feels appropriate. So I invite you to begin your explorations here in the south gate.

The South Gate – Transformation and Passion

Summer is finally upon us as we move from the stirring of spring energy into the fiery flow of the south. It is in the south that what we planted in the spring is growing rapidly, reaching toward our goals so quickly that we are learning to trust the path that Spirit has laid out for us. South is a great place to learn to “Go with the flow.”

South energy also teaches us about love and relationships. Through the heated passion of the south, we learn to bloom, like the plants, and be vulnerable. This is the place to come to when you want to heal your heart, or learn how to love, unconditionally. South teaches us about trust, vulnerability and to have an open heart with a discerning mind.

One of the spirit guardians of the south is Coyote. Coyote is the both the keeper of wisdom and the trickster, the sacred clown, who shows us how to see life from different perspectives, to find the possible in the seemingly impossible and to laugh at ourselves. Coyote teaches us the balance of wisdom and folly and how they go hand in hand.

We encourage you to “go with the flow” during summer, run through the sprinklers, laugh (AT yourself and WITH others) and spend plenty of time playing with Coyote.

Our Summer Give Away

An underlying value of the give away is to keep one’s belongings to a minimum, sharing abundance with all those around. So, we would like to share with you.

Since summer is about fire and purification, this give away will be a smudging package, inlcuding a bowl, sacred white sage sticks we harvested and tied and a feather. You’ll be all ready to smudge yourself, your space and others.

Until next time, let your inner child out to enjoy the summer and have a popcicle for me too!

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),