Monthly Archives: February 2014

Your Heart Software

red-heart-computerToday I was cleaning out my filing cabinet and in a file of “Jokes and Goodies”, I found this transcript and thought it would be a great share. I don’t know where it came from, but thank the author for his/her wisdom.


A customer was experiencing difficulty installing the HEART program. She called the company that wrote the program to get help. This is a transcript of a portion of the conversation between the Customer and the Customer Service Representative: Continue reading

Cleansing Your Stones & Crystals

In my last post we discussed using stones and crystals for weight loss and I brieflystone-cleansing mentioned cleansing your stones. So, I thought I should dedicate this blog as a “how to post”.

As shaman, we often call upon the Stone People to assist us with healing, protection or attracting specific energies. As more and more folks are learning about the power of stones and crystals, their use has become more common.

Like all things in the Web of Life, stones and crystals are alive. Your stones, crystals, jewelry, and pendulums can attract positive and negative energy. They absorb the energies you have within you as well as any energies around you. Therefore these objects need to be cleansed and energized regularly. Continue reading