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A House Clearing Shamanic Journey

Sometimes Gary and I are asked to clear land or buildings of negative under glass domeWhen we do this it can be a mix of soul recovery, psychopomp and energetic healing for both the property and its stewards. Sometimes we can feel like the crew from Ghostbusters containing and disposing of entities and closing portals. Other times, we simply assist stuck souls to complete their transition. And sometimes we have to help appease nature spirits who are ticked off by something that was done to their land (i.e. clear cutting or building a house in a place sacred to them.)

Why souls get “stuck” in a place varies. Sometimes it is because they have a strong connection with the land or home and they simply don’t want to leave. Other times they stay due to a trauma that occurred in that place, keeping a soul piece stuck and unable to move on. And then, we get the entities that are drawn to a place by its energy or the energy of the inhabitants and make it their party place.

I recently had a case that encompassed all the above. Continue reading

Oh No – Dandelions

DandelionAs spring comes into bloom, we wake up to find the bright yellow discs of dandelions sunning themselves in our yards. Of course, our first instinct is get out the weed killer or the weeding tool and off the little suckers quickly before they go to seed. But dandelions are actually a very mystical and magical plant.

Dandelions are rich in symbolism. Their ability to thrive under the most adverse conditions can teach us persistence and survival. Dandelions even burst through the cracks of city sidewalks, a defiant bit of green standing strong. The deep taproots remind us to ground ourselves deep into Mother Earth, so we can stand strong no matter how life’s winds blow. Continue reading

10 Good Reasons to Take a Shamanic Journey

Check out this great post from Michael Drake’s Shamanic Drumming blog.

“Some of the top reasons people take a shamanic journey include . . .

1. To reconnect with your inner or spirit self
2. To gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about
3. To clarify life purpose
4. To access a higher power
5. To access personal help and healing Continue reading

Stepping Into The Darkness

Step Into The DarknessThe most recent lesson in my Druidry course spurred the inspiration for today’s blog — Stepping into the darkness.

The ancient Druids were said to use sensory deprivation as a means of entering an altered states of consciousness and accessing Awen (inspiration). They entered a dark room and placed a stone on their chest to keep their mind from wandering. Eventually they would enter altered state seeking their vision or inspiration. Continue reading