10 Good Reasons to Take a Shamanic Journey

Check out this great post from Michael Drake’s Shamanic Drumming blog.

“Some of the top reasons people take a shamanic journey include . . .

1. To reconnect with your inner or spirit self
2. To gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about
3. To clarify life purpose
4. To access a higher power
5. To access personal help and healing6. To reconnect with benevolent ancestors
7. To develop relationships with the helping spirits who dwell in the three inner planes of consciousness — the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds
8. To explore the Middle World, which is the spirit counterpart of the material realm and the inner region that is most like outer reality
9. To traverse the Lower World
10. To find ways to restore balance in the world”
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Thanks Michael for this great post and permission to share!

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