Navel Chakra Stones

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We referenced a variety of stones for the navel/sacral chakra in the blog Chakras 101 – The Second or Navel Chakra. Some gemstones often associated with the Navel Chakra are Carnelian, Coral, Agate, Orange Calcite, Amber and Moonstone.

Stones for the Navel/Sacral Chakra

carnelianOrange Carnelian – Carnelian is found in nearly all partsof the world. It varies in intensity from deep reddish-brown to a yellow or cream colored translucent stone.

Orange carnelian can be used for either opening or soothing the chakra, making it an excellent balancing stone for either an over or under-active Navel Chakra. Carnelian can balance all three lower chakras, helping you to form a healthy emotional connection to your physical reality. Placing this stone on your Navel Chakra encourages you to become centered in this world, while maintaining a healthy balance with your spirituality.

Carnelian is also a great stone for creativity. Carnelian is said to motivate you, and increase your ambition, drive and confidence by providing a strong link to our Root Chakra which helps to bring your creative and sexual energies into physical manifestation.  It helps translate into your creative visions so they can be manifest into reality.  Carnelian also helps calm your “inner critic” when it comes to your creations, so if you are overly critical of your creations, you may find the energy of Carnelian to be grounding and centering.

coralCoral – Coral isn’t exactly a gemstones or mineral. It comes from the sea and is a vacated home of a marine animal. Like all things, coral has a vibration to it which gives it metaphysical healing properties.

Coral is said to have a very creative energy. Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge, facilitating intuition, imagination and visualization.

For women it is said to increase fertility and regulate menstruation.

fire agateFire Agate – Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Usually banded in layers, some varieties have “eye” markings, or specks of color, some have fossilized inclusions, and others are solid. Called the earth rainbow, the concentric bands of Agate form in nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form.

Fire Agate is highly stimulating to the reproductive region and may aid fertility in both men and women. It aids depression and may help relieve fear relating to sexual intimacy. It aids many types of sexual problems, such as frigidity and impotence, and is reported to increase passion and to increase the level of desire and emotional happiness in personal relationships.

Agate stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists of any kind. It helps writers to express their ideas in marketable form. It also provides physical strength and endurance for those who express their creativity through movement or strenuous activity.

orange-calciteOrange Calcite – Calcite is one of the most abundant types of crystal found on the planet. It is the main component in limestones and marbles, and most stalactites and stalagmites. Many of the bright colored Calcite Crystals come from large deposits in Mexico.

Let’s take Orange Calcite out to play! Orange Calcite has a very playful energy—specifically the tangerine-colored Calcite that is normally found Mexico. Like a bright orange crayon, it stimulates creativity and can help you think outside the box. It can be the perfect tool when you are feeling creatively blocked. If you feel like you have no natural creativity, Orange Calcite can help you lighten up and see that creativity comes in many different forms. It encourages you to color outside the lines and not take yourself so seriously! Orange Calcite can activate instinctual wisdom to help those who are struggling to find and/or express their inner voice. It can enhance your ability to develop and implement new projects either at home or at work.

Orange Calcite can also stimulate sexual energy in the body. It taps into the energies of pleasure and allows for the spontaneity and playfulness of your sexual expressions.  Orange Calcite reminds us of the joy of our sexual nature.

amberAmber – Amber is not strictly speaking a stone at all, but a fossilized resin. It comes from Russia, Poland, Britain, Italy and Germany. It can be obtained reasonably easily… and comes in various shades from pale yellow through to a dark orange color.

Amber stones are known for drawing energy into themselves, so can be used to soak up excess energy in the Navel Chakra. Highly protective, Amber also aids in the manifestation of ideas to reality.

The life force trapped within the Amber resin promotes fertility. Its protective and environmental clearing properties make it a good stone to use to prepare a healing or birthing room.

Moonstone Moonstone – Moonstone have been found in quite a few locations… including India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and the USA. These crystals come in variety of colors, with the moonstone colors ranging from the milky white stones, to yellow, peach, green, pink, gray, dark gray black, blue and the Rainbow Moonstone. The stones were named because of the shiny reflective quality found within the stones of all colors.

The moonstone is good stone for both male and females. It helps males connect to their creative side and emotional side which they tend to stuff. This stone helps with creative/psychic vision. Moonstone connects us to Divine Inspiration, and channels it into our own intuition. It encourages introspection and judgment, yielding to easier decision making. Moonstone also enhances our emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression.

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