10 Billion Beats 2013

10 Billion Beats

It’s that time again — the 3rd Friday in September. No, it’s nothing to do with football season. It’s time for the 10 Billion Beats Global Drumming!

When: Friday, Sept 20 – Sept 21 @ 7pm in your time zone (Check the website at 10billionbeats.com for the time zone chart.)
Where: Where ever you are. Just you and your drum, or grab some friends and head to the park, or the back yard or the back 40. Where ever you choose to drum.

Gary and I will be participating in this event as we have since 2009 when the event began. This year, we will not be hosting a public drumming as Gary leaves early on Saturday for Israel for a couple of weeks. We will be drumming round the fire pit a Shaman’s Grove with a couple of friends. Then he gets to finish packing.

10 Billion Beats is a plan to circle the earth with a resounding rhythm of unity for all peoples, all faiths, all nations, all hopes and dreams. By joining in celebration with others, we will send a wave of focused intent through every time zone around the globe.

10 Billion Beats 2013 will begin at Coyoté Oaks Vineyard in Kansas on Fri. September 20th. And conclude Sat. the 21st. Drumming starts at 7:00 PM in your individual time zone (i.e. East Coast is at 7:00 PM on 9/21). Check the website at 10billionbeats.com for the time zone chart.

Drumming will be for at least one (1) hour so that the next time zone can pick up the beat and our “joyful noise” will roll with the hour around the world concluding 24 hours later on 9/21.

“One intention – One Planet
Peace to Earth
Goodwill on Humankind”

For more information check out our previous blog and go to: www.10billionbeats.com

We look forward to sharing in this event with you.

Until next time –

Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),