10 Billion Beats 2012 — Peace TO Earth ~ Goodwill ON Livingkind

It’s that time of year again, for the 10 Billion Beats global drum circle. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago. For the info on our Grants Pass, Oregon event, go to our calendar.

10 Billion Beats is a Global Event that uses drumming to focus a collective positive intention, then send it around the world in a continuous wave to improve our relationship with each other, with the living planet upon which we live, and “all our relations” . 10 Billion Beats started in Sept. 2009 with nearly 200,000 people participating around the globe, including a group at our house in Phoenix, AZ. Each year this grassroots movement grows even bigger. The focus is not to have the world’s largest drum circle, but to help us, as human beings, stand with each other around the globe through the uncertain times ahead.

10 Billion Beats is an intention experiment that has grown out of a response to the unique times in which we find ourselves and the growing uncertainty and unrest we see around us.  The organizers felt it is time to consider the needs of Spirit and our fellow beings on this planet and to walk each moment with gratitude, blessing all that you encounter. This experiment operates with the belief that a paradigm shift will occur when “critical mass” is achieved in human consciousness.

The way Gary and I live a shamanic lifestyle, these views fit very well. Not only globally, but individually. We walk each day with gratitude and believe that not until we each reach our own “critical mass”, will we achieve a shift in our individual consciousness as well. So we were on board with this experiment right away. And a fun experiment it is!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT21i_qts8w’]
Note the dates is this video are last year’s, but it’s a great video.
This year’s dates are September 21-22, 2012 at 7:00 pm in your time zone.

So, why a drumming event? “Sound – vibration – frequency – beat is an avenue for outward creation and inner exploration. When we listen to the lilt of a mountain brook, or the rhythm of a human heart, sound provides us a pathway to the subtle energies in the deep reaches of our psyche. When we attune with the rhythm of those around us we join in the harmonious dance of life. Sound interconnects us with others and transports us to consciousness states where we encounter insight, healing, growth, and our highest creativity. So what might happen if we use the sound of drumming—like a physical prayer or meditation—to help balance our relationship as a human family and with the Earth itself?

The human heart beats billions of times in a life. The human brain has about 10 billion cells that connect our nervous system and exchange innumerable signals every moment to create our thoughts and direct life functions. While 10 billion seems like a huge number, to be human is to engage grand scale operations each time we simply take a breath. We have overlooked the magnitude of what it takes to be human and as we approach 10 billion humans on this earth, we have underestimated the effects of our existence on the planet. With, or without, our cooperation, nature will bring balance to the relationship.” 10billionbeats.com

So again this year, we invite you to participate. Grab your drum or rattle and help change the world! The side effects of this experiment are exhilaration, joy, peace, a feeling of community, and maybe a sore drumming arm 🙂

For more info on events and a map of times to drum in your neck of the woods go to 10billionbeats.com. If there’s no group in your area, just join in and make it a circle of 1, 2, 3 ??? Post in the comments if you will be joining the circle.

Until next time –
Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),