10 Billion Beats Special Solstice Drumming 2015

Join us in a drumming celebration for peace and healing this Winter Solstice.

10 Billion Beats Winter Solstice

10 Billion Beats

Dec. 21st., 2015

The need for peace and healing has only increased since the last newsletter.  With the need comes the temptation to be discouraged, to question our efforts.  How can people of goodwill make a difference?

Difficult times cause us to retreat into our belief systems.  It is there we find solace and the strength but we must not let it become a way to divide us one tradition against another.

In two weeks, on Dec. 21st. our drums and our intention will sound.  Several people have wondered where to find a group or notify others of their drumming.   Please post your events on the Facebook events page:

EMEX Solstice Special 10 Billion Beats https://www.facebook.com/events/493413974196773/

If you are in England, I am very happy to announce there will be a Special Drumming at Stone Henge.  This drumming will take place during Midday.  Please see the link above for specific time and directions.

Our way has always been to drum at 7: 00 PM and let the beat follow the sunset around the globe.  This time you may join with the event at Stone Henge or at the sunset as fits your schedule.

This time we are all doing it on the same date so New Zealand and any other Pacific Islanders just west of the International Dateline, it’s your turn to start the beat.

Remember this event is completely driven by word of mouth so please tell everyone you know who might care to participate and be sure to join us yourself.  Together we have created a wonderful event.  This time lets be the Peace on Earth so badly needed at this time.

If energy follows thought, what do you wish the energy to create?  Whether you gather in groups or in quiet solitude, please pick up your drum, a kitchen pot, or what ever you have and join us directing the energy of this thought as we drum.

Peace TO Earth

Goodwill ON Living Kind 

For more information go to: 

EMEX Solstice Special 10 Billion Beats