Spring and The Sacred Garden

Well, we are a week into the spring and here in Arizona the temps are beginning to rise and the world (and allergies) is in full bloom. For many of you in the colder climes, the snow is beginning to melt and the earth is starting to warm up and even begins to show the beauty that has been hidden all winter. It is a time of excitement and anticipation as the days grow longer and we welcome the return to all the activities we enjoy in the warmer days. I am keenly aware of coming out of hibernation. It feels good to feel the spring sun on my body as I work in my sacred gardens in my back yard as well as my spiritual Sacred Garden.

In the Celtic traditions, your Sacred Garden is a place in the spirit realm that “belongs” to you. It is a place to rest, recharge, store shamanic gifts, meet with Spiritual Guides and Teachers, etc. Only those who you invite can enter your Sacred Garden. Your Sacred Garden is an inner representation of what you choose to create in your outer reality. With the arrival of spring, it may be a good time to tend to your spiritual Sacred Garden … spring cleaning you know. I invite you to take a few minutes to journey to your garden or slip into a meditative space and ask to be taken to you garden, or take a few minutes to visualize your Sacred Garden. Look around and see if you need to do a spring clean up. Are there weeds that need to be pulled or dead plants in your garden? Some may need to stay as they are not ready to be removed yet. Think about creating a compost pile with these weeds. After you remove them, pay close attention to how things change in your life. Maybe some of those things that no longer serve you will just disappear. After you clean up, be sure to plant new plants or seeds for those things you wish to cultivate in your physical reality. Remember the fertilizer you created in your compost pile and fertilize well, for it is from these lessons and weeds that we are able to create a new.

Remember to routinely take the time to return to your Sacred Garden to tend your plants, rest and simply enjoy the peace and beauty of this inner space. As you tend this garden, take time to enjoy the peace and beauty you are creating in your every day life.

Happy Spring.