Shaman as Deathwalkers – Part II

As promised, we’ll continue where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted by Life. We were discussing the role of the shaman as a “Deathwalker” assisting those who are preparing to make their transition to Spirit or those who have already transitioned.

Sometimes when a death occurs, the Soul is caught unprepared. Sometimes the Soul may not understand what happened or that they are dead. This Soul’s natural journey back to its spiritual home, is then interrupted. The Soul needs help, it cannot continue the journey on its own. This is where a shaman can assist the Soul to continue it’s journey home.

Recently, I had a co-worker cross over suddenly. It was an unusual incident that had left both his life partner and business partner devastated. They were feeling his presence around the house and being disturbed by this. I asked permission to journey for him and see if he had completed his transition, and he had not. We found him standing in his garage where he had died, looking totally confused. He was glad to see me and asked in his usual fashion what was going on. I explained that he had died and asked if we could assist him to get out of the garage and go Home. He agreed and we asked that any soul pieces that he needed be returned. At this point, we could see the light tunnel being opened and my friend became a happy go lucky young boy again. We asked if he had any soul pieces to return to others before he left. He emptied the pockets of his shorts and asked that We return some specific packages and a bunch of things came from his pockets typical of a little boy. My guides quickly collected the pieces and returned them to whom they belonged. At this point, my friend thanked us and said he was ready. He dove into the light tunnel like he was diving into a pond. He was met there by his guides and light beings and escorted to the upper world.

My most memorable Deathwalking case was right after 9/11. I was asked to journey for someone who had died in the World Trade Center. They had not found her body, but knew she was dead. I entered journey space and asked to be taken back to the towers (We had spent MANY hours there already). We called out the name of the person we were looking for and heard a faint response. We found her buried under some rubble in a stairwell. We busied ourselves to free her and she asked if she was dead. We told her yes and explained what had happened. She broke down and cried and we comforted her for some time. As we began to move out of the towers there were many souls asking if they could come along. Everyone was holding on to each other to follow them out and pretty soon my client in the front began to conga. The whole group became a conga line of souls returning home! As they came along they were each given a basket with their soul pieces and they carried their baskets in the conga line right up to the light world! Believe me it was quite a sight. Everyone was happy and singing like they were at a party, and it truly was a birthday party, as they were all re-born to Spirit. No somber occasion – hmm—I wonder if my client was an Irishman??? Certainly a reminder of Spirit’s humor.

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Until next week.

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),

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