5,000-year-old shaman stones

Sorry we’ve been out of touch for a while. An unusual winter here has left us scrambling and adjusting to life in the forest again. If you’re interested in the story, there’s more at Shaman’s Blog. But we now have communications again and internet, so it’s been some time of catch up and clean up.

Gary found this interesting article and I thought it was perfect for this blog.

What messages did these stones hold for the shaman?

Archaeologists have unearthed nearly 5,000-year-old shaman’s stones in a rock shelter in Panama. The stone collection may be the earliest evidence of shamanic rituals in that region of Central America, researchers say.

The 12 stones were found in the Casita de Piedra rock shelter, in the Isthmus of Panama. The rocks, which carbon-dating of surrounding material showed  >>more

5,000-year-old shaman stones found – Technology & science – Science – LiveScience | NBC News.

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