A Grounding Visualization

With the holidays here, life is CRAZY. All the activities, parties, family gatherings, food and frenzies (whether we participate in them or not) can knock us off our center. It’s not uncommon to find we simply aren’t grounded this time of year. So, today we’re going to talk about how to get grounded again.

This is one of the most common issues Gary and I find when working with clients. We frequently see their energy bodies floating away or above from their physical bodies, and/or the chakras at the base of their feet are closed.

The foot chakras, found on the sole of each foot, work in combination with the base or root chakra, to create a stable foundation for our physical existence. When they are open, the foot chakras provide a constant connection with the energy grids of Mother Earth to the rest of the chakras in our physical and energy bodies.

Many people see this energetic connection as their “roots”. Like a root system of a tree, these “roots” stabilize you so you aren’t carried away by what’s happening in the world around you. When you are grounded, you remain solidly in your body, you are able to respond appropriate way, staying in the now, letting the past be and trusting that the future will be even better.

Not being grounded is a pretty easy issue to fix. If it’s a short term thing that has you stressed out or you’ve done some energy work that has left you feeling a little “spacey”, taking a shower or bath, or walking around bare footed on the earth will also help you ground. Sitting outside on the ground with your back up against a tree and feeling the energy of the tree going to the roots is also helpful. But don’t forget to ask permission of the tree first and make an offering. Eating some “grounding food” will also help you ground. You will find a particular food that is really grounding for you. Gary’s is meat, especially a nice big steak. My grounding food is a bowl of beans and rice.

Most often with friends and clients we recommend a simple grounding visualization of connecting through your feet into Mother Earth. It’s really short and shouldn’t take more than a few quick minutes.

Download Grounding Visualization

For many people, this needs to be part of their daily routine. In fact, I often suggest they put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror to remind them to ground. And, as the saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect”, the more you do this visualization the easier and more automatic it becomes.Therefore, we invite you to try this visualization as often as necessary and begin to feel more grounded and balanced.

Until next time –
Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),