The Element of Fire

FlamesI didn’t realize it has been so long since I posted a blog. Summer has gotten busy with things around The Grove and garden. It’s been hot and dry here in So. Oregon, and for the last week or so, we’ve been dealing with being surrounded by several large wild fires. If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’ve heard and seen about these fires.

This isn’t unusual for Oregon in the summer, as summer here, especially in southern Oregon is very dry. But this year we’ve had an unusual drought and it’s been hot very early. Our July weather is what we usually see in August. The dry lightning produced by a thunder storm toward the end of July sparked 54 fires in our area. Some were quickly contained, others grew together to create large wild fires. So far, we’ve seen approximately 40,000 acres of forest within a 20 mile radius of us go up in smoke.

We have three good sized fires around The Grove keeping us on the alert and dealing with the smoke. It’s been pretty surreal around here. We have a dense, fog like smoke and the sun is like a red heat lamp in the sky. Today though, I can actually see sky for the first time in about two weeks. We have enlisted our spiritual allies and lots of others to hold the fire lines and protect those wonderful men and women who are fighting these fires. Fortunately, so far, no homes lost.

As shaman, we work closely with the element of fire. Fire is about transformation, purification and rebirth. We understand the natural cycle that takes place to remove the overgrowth of dead “stuff” so that we have a place for new life. Not only do we need this on the natural level, like the fires we are experiencing, but we need this catalyst on a personal level as well.

We all “grow” or collect things in our lives and our energy bodies that tend to either die off or become like parasitic plants draining us of our energy. These things no longer serve us, but we haven’t gotten rid of them. All our old habits, dead relationships, unhealthy thoughts and goals and ideas that didn’t pan out, collect like underbrush in the forest. Sometimes we get our personal “dry lightning” that sparks a wild fire in us and we are clear these things out, but it can be pretty uncomfortable and downright traumatic at times. It would be so much better if we could do a “controlled burn” so we can clear away this under bush.

Fortunately we can employ the element of fire to help us transform our life and create a clean slate for new growth. Here is a suggestion for a ceremony done through shamanic journey or meditation to help you do just that.

Enter into journey or meditation space. Ask your spiritual allies/guides permission to perform this ceremony. This is a very intense and powerful ceremony, not to be entered into lightly.

Once permission is received, go to a place in a clearing that is safe for building a fire. Build a sacred fire focusing on the intention of cleansing and transforming that which no longer serves you. Welcome the Fire Spirits and ask them to assist you with this process. When the fire is ready and your allies/guides and the Fire Spirits give you permission, remove your clothing and step into this sacred fire. Know that your guides are with you and you are safe and protected.

Fire_TransformationAllow the fire to engulf you. Feel its heat. Feel it moving around you, licking your skin, caressing your hair … then moving through your energy body. Feel the things that no longer serve you burning in the flames and falling away like charred chunks of wood. Feel the flames move inside your body, clearing your energy pathways, cleansing your chakras. Let the flames move through and explode out your crown chakra.

Notice how the intensity of the flames change as the Fire Spirits do their work. Sometimes the flames are hot and uncomfortable, others they feel like warm arms being wrapped around you. Stay in the flames as long as necessary. When you are complete, the fire may simply die down or your guides may tell you it’s time to step out of the fire.

As your body cools, notice how you have changed. Do you feel lighter? Or do you feel reborn? Are you overwhelmed with joy? Or what other feelings are you experiencing?

If you want, you can take some time to process this information with your allies/guides before returning to the here and now. Thank the Fire Spirits and make an offering to them before extinguishing your sacred fire.

Slowly return to this reality. Journal the information and take some time in processing. This is deep work and may take some time to completely reveal itself.

Congratulations on your transformation!

Until Next Time –

Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),