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Shaman’s Blog replaces Shamanic Connection’s Newsletter

downloadOne of Gary’s and my “resolutions” for 2015 is to streamline some of our activities to allow time for more new adventures, play and rest.

As promised in our Winter Newsletter,  we have just moved our newsletter mailing list over to the Shaman’s Blog mailing . Now, you will begin to receive an email when Shaman’s Blog has new posts. This email will come out on Friday. You will only receive this email IF a new blog is posted, and if by some strange reason, more than one blog goes out in a week, you will still only receive one email.

Moving to posting the blog only will same me some work, and you will actually hear from us more frequently. Here’s the low down from the Winter Newsletter (in case you missed it  😉 ). This tells you how to connect with us in other venues as well as how to “disconnect” should you choose. Continue reading