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Manifesting Our Dream…

Okay, we can’t wait any longer to tell the world our big news…. Shamanic Connection will have a new home in the next couple of weeks! We will close before the end of the month on a lovely piece of property just north of Grants Pass (about ½ hour from Medford). We are completely thrilled and more than ready to move. So, you can see why we’ve been busier than usual. And we may be out of the office from time to time as we move. Please leave a message so we can get back to you. Continue reading

Greeting from our new Oregon location!


May 1 was moving day. We picked up this 26′ Uhaul truck and a trailer for Gary’s motorcycle mistress and began packing. Our daughter, Kimberly, arrived early along with Gary’s sister, Eileen along with her “Dollie. Then our shamanic family, Keith, Jennifer and Deb showed up. Kimberly called some of her big buff guy friends to help us coercer the hot tub into the Uhaul, and then we really got down to it. Lots of others showed up during the day to lend a hand and say goodbye.

For a while it looked like things were going okay and we’d have plenty of room, until we started packing in the furniture. Continue reading

Moving Day at Shamanic Connection

I know I said I wouldn’t post until after the move, but I caught a few minutes between boxes, so I thought I would let everyone know how things are progressing for the trek to Oregon.

I just returned from the house hunting trip and have found us a wonderful place in a town called Central Point. It is a suburb of Medford, so we are only about 15 minutes away. Medford is a town of about 75k, so, not too big or too small. We were actually looking a little farther north toward Grants Pass, but I couldn’t find a country home there, so we migrated south. Continue reading