Awaken Your Inner Shaman

An Introductory Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Step onto the path of the Shaman and explore….

Since men and women have inhabited Mother Earth, people have had the special ability to move into the unseen worlds around them, to JOURNEY inward to obtain advice and knowledge. This practice is known as shamanic journeying.

This form of information retrieval and inner consultation can be easily adapted for use in the context of today’s world.

This playshop will guide you to re-awaken these ancient skills to access the wisdom and support that lies within.

We will cover basic shamanic journey techniques.

Then we will journey to re-connect you with your spiritual guides and teachers, and introduce you to the other realms of the shamanic cosmology.

We will be working on the floor so wear comfortable clothing (we have lots of back jacks and pillows).

Please bring