Do I Need A Soul Recovery?

Debbie Overholt

Common signs that you may have experienced soul loss signs or that you may have lost soul pieces include:

  • Not feeling “whole” – Saying things like “I feel like I’m missing something” or “I don’t have it all together”
  • Stuck in the “past” after a loved one, child or adult, has died. You can’t seem to move out of the past to live in the present
  • Ungrounded . .. “space cadet”, “spacey”, constantly daydreaming, not wanting to be here on Earth, not wanting to CONNECT with reality .
  • Blocks of memory loss … at any time in life … but particularly from childhood
  • Unable to release some emotional trauma from the past… a death, divorce, loss of some kind
  • Asking: “Why am I here?” A sense of no direction, no focus, a wandering around aimlessly, no sense of purpose or self
  • Addictions … of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, food, binging, anorexia, cravings, gambling, love, codependency
  • Loss of emotional feeling … can’t cry, can’t feel… a general “emotional numbness”
  • Very sick since birth … especially during the first 12 years of life
  • Depression of any kind
  • Schizophrenia or any other kind of psychotic “break from reality”
  • Shame fuels loss of self-esteem/confidence, and has been caused (usually) in childhood

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a soul recovery can help bring your back to wholness.

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