Spirit Animal Quiz

Spirit Animal QuizI was getting ready to write this week’s post and was doing some research. I came across a very interesting and informative website at www.spiritanimal.info I thought you might enjoy. It has wonderful information on a variety of animal guides as well as a nice page on how to find your spirit animal and how to develop a relationship with them.

There was a page for a Spirit Animal Quiz that caught my attention. I decided to take a couple of minutes to complete the quiz and see what information it spit out. Usually these things are about as accurate and general as the newspaper horoscopes and women’s magazine personality tests.

To my surprise, the quiz came back with Owl. I do have an owl as a guide, but he is usually only called upon for special situations. Then the results listed two other that “you may connect with”. They were Butterfly and Bear. There we go! Bear is my constant companion and I definitely have a bear personality. So, I would say it was pretty accurate for a personality type quiz.

So I highly recommend you take a journey on over to www.spiritanimal.info and check it out for yourself. Maybe you have a new guide waiting in the wings (or sitting at the Otherworldly Starbucks like Gary and I like to say). Pop us a comment and let us know what your found out on the quiz.


You can also read more about how to work and play with your spirit animal guides from our post Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My … Animal Guides at at Shaman’s Blog.

And don’t forget to post a comment on your results.

Until next time –

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),