Robin – The Bringer of Change

“The red, red Robin goes bob, bob, bobin’ along…”

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The trees are blooming, flowers are peeking up from Mother Earth and Spring has arrived. But we know Spring has truly arrived when we spy the robins hopping through our yards and parks.

Robin, like Spring, signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal. Robin teaches us how to “spring forward” and welcome the new growth and experiences, with joy, laughter and a song in the heart. Like robins that get their nourishment from the earth, pulling earthworms out of the soil, we are reminded to ground and pull up life energy from Mother Earth to nourish our physical and spiritual selves. Yes, it is true that the early bird gets the worm (and a healthy does of life force energy)!

The robin’s red breast suggests an association with kundalini energy, our creative potential. The red/rust covering it’s entire breast indicates a stimulation of new growth in a all of areas of your life.

Robin’s beautiful powder-blue eggs are associated with the throat chakra, the center of our will. The robin egg reflects the ability of those who have a Robin totem to use their will to create new growth in their life. Robin may also appear in your life to help you to use your will to create change.

“The song of the robin is a cheery, rolling trill. Part of its purpose is to help the robin establish its territory. Two males in the same area will puff up and sing with all their force. Fights between robins over territory are usually in song. Physical confrontations are more symbolic without injury.

This is very significant for anyone with this bird as its totem. It reflects a need to sing your own song forth if you wish new growth. Any confrontations or hindrances are more show than actual threats, so go forward.”
Animal-Speak —The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small; Ted Andrews: 1994: pg 190

Like most animals, many myths surround Robin. Some people believe that you should make a wish when you see the first robin of spring. There is also a religious legend that Robin got its red breast when it pulled a thorn from the bloody crown of thorns on Jesus’ head on the cross. Similar to the story of the Lion and the Mouse, this shows an example of compassion and self-sacrifice for the good of another. And here’s a Native American Myth — How Robin Became the Harbinger of Spring.

When Robin appears for you (or you call upon Robin), you might ask the following questions:

  • Am I ready to let go of anything in my life that is outmoded or stagnant?
  • Can I let go of personal dramas? Ones that no longer serve my higher purpose?
  • Am I taking full advantage of new opportunities?
  • Am I sharing my song with the world?
  • How can I use my voice to help diffuse a situation?
  • Am I exercising compassion and patience in mental, spiritual and emotional areas?
  • How can I incorporate changes with ease, grace, joy and laughter?
  • Do I have any wish in my mind lately, maybe one I haven’t told anyone about?

Enjoy the beautiful spring days and sit with Robin and see what messages and songs unfold.

Until next time –

Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),

2 thoughts on “Robin – The Bringer of Change

  1. Linda

    I am profoundly operating in Robin totem energy right now. It came to me though I did not will it. It is as always with all totems in my life, accurate to the bullseye of the bullseye about what I’m going through right now!

    I want to share that earthworms are profoundly meaningful to me, and one reason is because they contain an enzyme which if used as a supplement or eaten, dissolves nasty biofilm that accumulates between the structures in the body. This biofilm is implicated in many autoimmune diseases, both chronic and severe, which do not have ready allopathic medical explanations or apparent solutions. Everything from Lyme disease, to chronic fatigue, and much more. So the fact that Robins dine on earthworms exponentially increases the meaning for me on top of every other part of this animal’s energy as given by Creator! Thanks for sharing this good info in your post here!

  2. Smithe873

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