Coyote Medicine

CoyoteThe full moon brought a new visitor to Shaman’s Grove this month. At 3:45am Thursday morning, I was quickly roused from my sleep by the sound of a coyote yipping outside my bedroom window. I bounced out of bed, quickly reviewing the location of our pets as I dashed to the front deck. Yup, I did close up the chickens after dark, and the cat was on the bed. I flung open the front door, purposefully making lots of noise to encourage our visitor to move on . . . Just needed to be sure he wasn’t in the chicken pen. All my feathered goddesses were safe and the interloper moved quickly past my garden and down through the woods. After double counting noses, I returned to dream time.

So, it was time to see what message, if any, coyote might have for me.  opened Steven Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides and the first thing out of the shoot was “Lighten Up – You’re taking things much too seriously.” My thought was “Yeah, what?” But, I have been trying to work out some technical difficulties with the website that have been frustrating me at every turn. Kind of like Wile E. Coyote in the cartoons, every time I thought I had it figured out, it blew up in my face. So, okay, the message hit home. I’m sure I’ll laugh at the process later, but at the moment it was frustrating! And, I put the project on hold and went off for coffee and to play in my gardens.

Coyote medicine is about the balance of wisdom and folly or play. Coyote reminds us that true teachers of wisdom have a great sense of humor! There are many myths of Coyote as the creator and trickster. A quick web search will give you a ton of great stories to read. If you read a couple, you will get a good understanding of Coyote.

Coyote is smart and skillful, often looking for ways to take short cuts or use theWile E Coyote - Help
skills of others for their own benefit. And, like in the cartoons with Wile E. Coyote, it’s not uncommon for things to go awry because he has made things way too complicated. Being a master trickster, Coyote repeatedly falls for his own tricks, taking self-sabotage to an art form. Are you taking life too seriously? Are you complicating what is really simple in some area of your life? Are you too making self-sabotage an art form? See through your self-sabotage and have a good laugh. Remember Coyote’s medicine is in the laughter and joking, so that we can see things from a new viewpoint.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews states “The coyote teaches the balance of wisdom and folly and how they both go hand in hand. The image of the wise fool has been used in the lore of many societies. This is the individual who seems to be a simpleton and yet the words and actions have a much greater wisdom than is initially recognized. Are you not seeing the wisdom of your life and its events?” If Coyote show us in your life it may be time to step back, and with child-like eyes, look for the gifts or fragments of wisdom that have come out of these life experiences.You can call on Coyote (if he hasn’t just appeared outside your bedroom window) if you want help simplifying your life or if you need help brainstorming a project. Also, coyote medicine can help you find your sense of humor and shake up your routine with a little fun.Coyote medicine is filled with paradox, but at the heart of its energy is the balance of wisdom and play that makes life fulfilling. As Gary and I often say, “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing”.

So, we invite you to meditate or journey and pay a visit to Coyote. Howl at the moon and have fun!

Until next time –
Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),