Announcing the Fall Harvest Give Away

The Give Away

The Give Away ceremony is a Native American Tradition. In Native American cultures, the give away ceremony is the ultimate act of selfless giving. Rather than expect the community to shower a person with gifts on a special occasion, the reverse occurs: the honored individual presents everyone else with something special. Another underlying value of the give away held over from the nomadic days is keeping one’s belongings to a minimum and sharing abundance with all those around. Once something is given away, all strings to that gift are broken and the gift is given with no expectations. There is a high value placed on giving away and sharing what is ours. We all know the saying “It is better to give than receive”. This is the give away ceremony.

So, we want to share a gift with you because we are honored to count you among our friends.


The Winner Of The Summer Give Away

Congratulations to DeAnn Thompson of Phoenix — DeAnn’s name just jumped out of the basket into Gary’s hand. She received a lovely abolone shell, turkey feather fan and white sage we ceremonially gathered for smudging. Since DeAnn lives in the Phoenix Metro area, we even got to hand deliver her winnings and chat over a glass of iced tea.

The Fall Harvest Give Away

This fall’s give away will come from the abundance of raw hide we have lurking in our attic. We will be creating a bear rattle to remind you of your journeys through the West Gate (check out our fall newsletter for more info on the West Gate of the Medicine Wheel.)

To enter this drawing, send me an email to with the word “drawing” in the subject line. Or better yet, become our “fan” on Facebook and automatically be entered in the drawing.

On December 1, we’ll pull a name from the basket!