Are You Listening To Spirit’s Messages

Listening is a positive actIt’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, and I think I am finally able to get back in the swing of things.

As I posted in my last blog, way back in April, I managed to give myself a concussion in March. It’s been a really long road of healing and changes. Who’d have thought that a head bump could create such a long journey?

I have been doing much better for the last month or so, but it’s been too busy here at Shaman’s Grove to have time to write. More on the changes in a later blog. And it’s also been harvest season. My garden was very happy this year and I’ve been busy harvesting and preserving our bounty.

Okay, I know you are going “how did she give herself a concussion”? Well, it was one of those dumb things that can happen when you’re not in the “NOW”. I was cleaning flower pots getting ready to transplant seedlings and not paying attention to the space I was occupying in the physical. I reached over to pick up more pots and raised up, hitting my forehead on the end of the 2×6 deck rail. Enough said 🙂

So, on to the topic of this blog … Spirit’s Messages.

Over the years, Gary and I have often helped explained some of the more intense happenings in client’s lives. The first thing we ask is “Are you listening to your Guides (or Spirit)?” or “What message aren’t you paying attention to?” Then we explain Spirit’s messages to them in the following four phases:

  1. When Spirit has an important message for us, Spirit begins telling us by blessing us with the information with a feather.
  2. Since many of us tend to have “selective hearing”, Spirit may have to use a stick to get our attention. Most people get it by this point.
  3. For those of us who are more stubborn, we may need a smack up side of the head with a 2×4 (or in my case a 2×6) for the message to sink in. (This is usually where we get a call from our clients.)
  4. And for those who think they can ignore the message, they may run smack into the whole damned tree!

Hmm, writing this out makes me think of one of my favorite tv shows, NCIS. For those who know the show, I see “Boss Gibs” giving Tony the head slap. So how do these “head slaps” manifest in our lives?

Phase 1 – The the feather blessing is easy. We hear, pay attention and things in our lives go realitively smoothly. If change is involved, it goes smoothly. We’ve gotten our message, done our homework and life is good.

Phase 2 – For those of us who are, shall I say, “harder to pay attention”, not harder of hearing (we heard, we just didn’t listen), we may get a swat with a stick. (Oh heavens, reminds me of Catholic school days). Nothing big, just something to get our attention. For me these are usually dumb little things that remind me to be in the present and pay attention to what I am or should doing. Little stuff, like the car not starting, slaming my finger in the car door, or the chickens have gotten loose and need to be rounded up, when I’m wanting to go someplace that I was being intuitively told not to. Or tripping and falling when I’m hurrying off when I know I should be doing something else. (Now remember, it’s probably not a swat EVERY time one falls or the car won’t start. Most of the time they are simply the car needs work or we’re not paying attention to what we’re doing. But if you KNOW you’re suppose to be doing something, check your spiritual voice mail box.)

Phase 3 – On to the 2×4 (or 2×6 😮 ) attention getter … these usually create more challenging obstacles for us, until the message sinks in. This is Spirit jumping up and down yelling “Will you please stop and listen to me?” We see these most often present themselves as health challenges. Things like digestive disorders, diabetes, broken bones, minor surgeries, minor heart conditions, and yes, head injuries. Sometimes it can be workplace or relationship problems. These are all things that shift our focus and make us look deeper into ourselves and our life styles. Are we too busy caring for others and not taking the time to do our work? Or is our envirnoment or relationship toxic? When these types of things come up in our lives, we are pretty much forced to stop and take a look and make changes that are more in alignment with our spiritual purpose.

Phase 4 – I certainly hope we all have listened and paid attention to our messages by this point. We really don’t want to feel the intensity of being hit by the spiritual tree. This is big s*#t. You get laid off or fired. Your relationship blows up. Major, life threatening, illnesses appear in you or a close relationship. You have a huge accident and are injured or maybe some other type major injury occurs. In some situations people have had near death experiences. These things appear to happen HUGE, right out of the blue with no warning. People will often say the were “blind sided” by these events. Well, not really if they take time to look back at things that lead up to the situation. But, they won’t see them because they weren’t listening. The good thing is that we’re not always stuck here. This is where we can often manifest healing by getting real with ourself and Spirit and making changes in thoughts, attitudes and actions. Most of us that work as healers have been here at some point in our lives, having to learn things the hard way. How else could we explain this to you?

My lessons from my 2×6 experience? Well the one I can and will share with you in a later blog is about self care. I keep re-learning this lesson at various points in my life, like many of you. I think the 2×6 scrambled my brain just enough for the message to connect to my heart center this time. My reply to Spirit – “I GOT IT, I GOT IT”.

Until next time –

Pleasant Journeys,

3 thoughts on “Are You Listening To Spirit’s Messages

  1. Debbie

    Ah yes, the double confirmation. I still go there sometimes as well. You’d think after so many years of communing with Spirit, I’d just automatically listen. Thinking on of my totem animals should be Donkey, but it hasn’t shown up in my crew yet☺ Bring on cat and winged ones, their much more fun than accidents!

  2. Zaria @ Past Life Regression Chicago

    Hello Debbie,

    I hope you have fully recovered from the concussion! When I was reading your words, they made me smirk because I am stubborn most of the times. I tend to ignore messages from the Spirit not because I do not want to listen but because I want double confirmation. Thankfully I do not have accidents like yours but instead, I will be visited by birds or cats. Wagtails, swallows and cats are those who usually bring the message from the Spirit. So phase 2 is enough for me to learn the lesson!


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