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Reconnecting With Nature’s Widsom

Returning to life in the forest has really reawakened Nature’s call to us. Just the call to return to the forest has great significance for us. The forest is connected to creation and growth energy, free of controls and constrictions. We are visited daily by Crow (“The magic of creation is calling”) and Deer (“Gentle luring to a new adventure”) among others. Besides being awe struck by our daily nature adventures, the pot of creative juices has been well stirred. And, one of the fruits that bubbled to the top was a new blog, called Nature Wise, sharing information about the wisdom Mother Nature has to offer.

For thousands of years, people have connected with Nature’s wisdom to gain knowledge and spiritual fulfillment. Nature offers us healing, wisdom and an opportunity to connect with the sacred.

We are blessed by nature. It touches each of us in personal and special ways. Continue reading