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A Winter Solstice Journey

Winter_landscapeThe Wheel of the Year has turned once more and the Winter Solstice is upon us again.

Over the years we have offered up ideas for celebrating Yule, or the Winter Solstice. You can check out this blog in particular – Winter Solstice Celebrations from 2010 .

This Solstice, our gift to you is a guided journey that Debbie created specifically for you. Continue reading

The Pine Tree – Protection, Healing, Vitality and Continuity

Pine Tree

Image courtesy of Oregon State University

The keynotes of the pine tree are emotional protection and healing, balance of strength and softness, vitality and continuity.

There are approximately 90 species of pine trees throughout the world. Their wood has been used for building, their sap for healing and the pine nuts for eating, making them a very versatile tree.

The bark of the pine creates armor-like plates that relate to their protective energy, both physical and emotional. The name Pine actually comes from a word that translates as “pain”, and its essence helps alleviate pain within on many levels. And the fragrance of the pine is emotionally soothing and can help lift your dark moods. Pine essences is also good if you suffer from guilt, and if you have a hard time being satisfied with your achievements. Continue reading