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August Full Moon – The Red Moon

Welcome to the August Full Moon (August 1, 2012 11:27pm EDT/8:27 pm PDT) and the beginning of the harvest season.

The moon has always been important and fascinating to the people. Since the beginning of time, our ancestors used the movement of the moon to keep track of the passing year and set schedules for hunting, planting, and harvesting. They linked the 28 day lunar month to a given season and gave names to the months that described important events that were happening in nature at that time, such as the behavior of the plants, animals, or weather during that month.

To some Native American tribes of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain area, August’s full moon was known as The Sturgeon Moon. Continue reading

Deer Medicine

Deer Medicine – Gentleness and Innocence – Gentle Luring to New Adventure

I’m sitting here typing and watching one of our mama deer and her fawn, refresh with the nectar of the Faery Fountain and munch their way through our back yard. So, deer medicine seems the appropriate topic for our first blog.

We have been blessed by several deer families that reside here. We have had the opportunity to witness mamas with new fawns that were barely able to walk on their wobbly legs. And they have adopted us as one of their own. This is their home and we’ve just moved in. They sleep under our deck, just look at us as we go about our business outdoors, and don’t bother to move when we approach an area where they are resting. Today I was working on the sprinklers for my herbs and three deer approached the fountain in the front for a drink. We were only a few feet apart. They acknowledged me, got their drink and left. Continue reading

Reconnecting With Nature’s Widsom

Returning to life in the forest has really reawakened Nature’s call to us. Just the call to return to the forest has great significance for us. The forest is connected to creation and growth energy, free of controls and constrictions. We are visited daily by Crow (“The magic of creation is calling”) and Deer (“Gentle luring to a new adventure”) among others. Besides being awe struck by our daily nature adventures, the pot of creative juices has been well stirred. And, one of the fruits that bubbled to the top was a new blog, called Nature Wise, sharing information about the wisdom Mother Nature has to offer.

For thousands of years, people have connected with Nature’s wisdom to gain knowledge and spiritual fulfillment. Nature offers us healing, wisdom and an opportunity to connect with the sacred.

We are blessed by nature. It touches each of us in personal and special ways. Continue reading