Monthly Archives: November 2008

Holiday Survival

Now is a great time to introduce you to flower essences. They are wonderful little tools I have in my tool box and that each of you can use as well. In fact some should be in your bathroom cabinet for year round use.

We all look forward to the holiday season with varying emotions. We can swing from the innocent excitement of childhood to the absolute dread of the upcoming family gathering on a moment’s notice. Add to that all the push from advertisers to buy more than we feel comfortable with and the flurry of social obligations at this time of year, and it’s not a wonder we often end up anxious, depressed and stuffing our faces with food (and stuffing those emotions). This year, let flower essences come to your rescue. Continue reading

Computers, Hypnosis and Shamanism

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post. Sometimes the shaman gets redirected to the real world of work. I have been revamping our website and expect to have our new shopping cart active by the end of this coming week. The shopping cart had a major trauma and lost several soul pieces that the programmers could not retrieve. Even the shaman we called in threw up her hands and said “No way!” So, we had to start from scratch with a new program and it has been taking a very large amount of my time over the last month or so. You know programs never work the way they tell you they will. (Now that’s a perfect segway into today’s topic.)

Since we’re talking about computers… let’s talk about yours. Continue reading