Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Majestic Oak – Wisdom, Strength and Endurance

Here in the forest at Shaman’s Grove, we are surrounded by a variety of Standing Ones. We have Pacific Redwoods that reach high into the sky, Fir, Pine and Spruce, beautiful red Madrone and the Majestic Oak. I was going to write about the Redwood today, but Oak called out to be heard today.

Ted Andrews starts out his description of the Oak in Nature-Speak by saying “The majesty of a mature oak always gives pause for reflection. They radiate an aura of calm strength.” I can say from my own experience that this holds true. There is something about the twists and curls and knots up the trunk, and the wide canopy of leaves that automatically brings me to my center. It was interesting to read that the Oak’s roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above. Continue reading

Healing Power of Drumming – An Ah-ha Moment

Recently I was talking with a colleague in New Jersey and we were discussing her excitement over drumming for an upcoming shamanic journey at an assisted care facility. As with many conversations, this one led us on a trail of discussing the healing power of the drum.

Through many years of drumming and hosting circles, Gary and I have been witness to the not only the calming and stress relief benefits of drumming, but the power that the vibrations have to shift the energy body to release pain and to heal deep physical and emotional disorders. Studies have shown that drumming stimulates the immune system and promotes the production of endorphins and the body’s own morphine-like painkillers helping to control pain.

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