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Helping Our Animal Companions

Okay, I admit, I’m not the best at blogging. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had a horrible case of “blog block”. (Hmm… this must be the tech update of writer’s block.) Gary hasn’t been much help either as far as suggestions so I get 100% responsibility for the blog (or lack there of). And, like I’ve mentioned before on this blog, you don’t really want to hear the ramblings in my head… But, if you have something shamanically related you’d like to know or hear about, please pop me an email. I’m open to suggestions. I’m actually writing down a list of ideas when I get them, if I can remember them by the time I get to the computer 🙂 So, we should be on top of things for a while.

I just completed our spring newsletter so if you want to follow up on the newsy stuff, here’s the link. I’m going to repeat the article on Helping Our Animal Companions here.

Also, we’re stepping into more current technology and  doing our first webinar in May with The Healing Ways of the Shaman — Shamanism and Soul Recovery. This is an introductory webinar that explains shamanism, soul recovery and the shamanic journey process. It is open to everyone. So, if you, your family or friends would like to be introduced to shamanism, this is a great way for them to find out more. There will be no charge for this webinar, but we always appreciate offerings. I will send out the email link a few days before the webinar. If all goes well, we will be offering more by webinars in the future. For more on the other activities we have on the schedule or a list of playshops we offer, check out our calendar.

If you haven’t checked out our online store — Shaman’s Marketplace, now is a good time. Since you’ve been so patient with my blog block, I’m offering our blog readers the same special as our clients and regular customers.  Spring Special and receive a FREE bag of gifting herbs with orders over $20 (playshops not included). Special ends 5/30/11. Enter the code SPRING in the discount/coupon box and we will include your herbs with your order.We’ve added a couple new items and there are some new, hand made smudging bowls in the works from a friend in Phoenix who throws pottery. And, I have some new Shaman’s Potions™ in the planning phases. So look for them with our next newsletter.

Okay, now that apologies are made and amends offered, here’s some info about soul retrieval and our animal friends.

Helping Our Animal Companions

Many of us have at least one fuzzy, furry, feathered, leathered or finned companion that share our home and heart space. They are our friend, confidant, support, healer and even our “kids” and “significant other”. They are simply a part of our family. And, like any other family member, they pick up on our life’s situations and can become stressed and strained and acquire physical and/or emotional issues, just like any other member living in a group situation. Things like illness, divorce, death and financial stress affect our animal companions just like they would our children or partners.

Animals also have a soul path of their own they must traverse. Like us, they have specific lessons that their soul must learn in this lifetime. And, like us, some of their paths are not easy. They experience trauma that cause their soul to fracture or split. Continue reading