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When Children Won’t Sleep – The Monster Under the Bed

It’s bedtime, Mom and Dad are exhausted, and little Billy refuses to go to sleep. He throws this huge tantrum each and every night, giving you all sorts of excuses as to why he can’t go to sleep. “There’s a monster under my bed”, “I’m scared”, “There’s something in my room”… Every parent has been through this at least a few times in their parenting career. Sometimes it is simply an excuse for Billy to stay up and play longer, but what about when this goes on night after night after night?

From the shamanic perspective, there may truly be an interloper in Billy’s room or in his dreams. Children are more open to experiencing the energies that surround them and have clear connections to their spiritual guides. As parents we see them talking to their “imaginary friends” and tease about the Boogey Man, but to the children, they are very real. The younger the child, the more closely they are still connected to the spiritual realm. Continue reading