What if I can’t come to the shaman?

Soul Retrieval works equally well, whether in person or by long distance. Long distance journeys work because the shaman travels in the spirit realm where there is no time or distance. In the spirit realm, the shaman is able to travel to you. From there, the shaman and his/her guides proceed to collect your soul pieces with Spirit’s permission.

Long distance journeys are very similar to in person journeys for the shaman, only the client is not there physically. The shaman enters altered state and requests permission of his/her guides and the guides of the client to perform the soul retrieval. Once this permission is granted, he/she will continue on and retrieve any lost soul pieces. An extraction is done as well by scanning the energy body of the client while the shaman is in altered state. After the soul pieces are retrieved and the extraction is done, the shaman gives a report the the client by phone, mail or email.