3-legged wooden stand – just the right size for holding a smudge bowl or abalone shell, as well as your favorite crystal orb.
SALE $5.95


Abalone Shell – These silvery and iridescent abalone shells are useful for burning smudge sticks, incense cones or resin incense.  The sizes and markings will vary slightly, as these are produced by nature. Appx 4x5x2 1/4″
SALE $9.35


Soapstone smudge bowl – This simple but stunning soapstone smudge or incense burning bowl is perfect for burning  smudge sticks and incense sticks, cones, and charcoal burning resins by filling the bowl with sand and placing incense on top. Appx 5″ diameter 2″ high
SALE $11.00

Black Bear Rattle – This rattle has a bear shaped elk hide head, stitched and tied with black sinew and filled with snowflake obsidian chips. It is trimmed with a black leather fringe and black feathers and glass beads. Approximately 17″ in length.
SALE $21.95
Elk Drum – This elk hide shamanic frame drum is tied in a four directions tie. The handle is wrapped in red leather and embellished with rainbow colored beads and feathers. The frame is of yellow cedar and is 13″ in diameter and 2 ¾” deep. It is accompanied by a red felted sheep’s wool beater on a wildcrafted oak handle.
SALE $155.00 +free shipping



Palo Santo Runes –  Palo Santo also known as “Holy Wood” is known for its energetically cleansing & healing properties. Comes in a natural toned drawstring sack with a laminate card with meanings & instructions.
SALE $20.25

Portable Medicine Wheel – This kit consists of Totem stones representing each of the four major directions, plus a center stone. (The animal totems chosen for this Medicine Wheel Kit are based on the traditions of the Lakota people.), carrying Pouch & chart  explaining the totems and qualities of the directions as well as offering a framework for your ceremonies.
SALE $20.95
Oak Runes – Crafted from the natural branches, these rune sets features the burnt symbols of the Elder Futhark (24 runes plus 1 blank). Each set comes in a cloth bag and a chart of the Rune Meanings.
SALE $13.95

Incense & Resins (1 oz packages)

Celtic Blend brings together the mystical aroma of  frankincense, sweetness of myrrh and the distinctive note of lavender flowers along with other natural resins. $3.50 SALE $3.00 
Copal (Bereseru microphylla) – Copal is used in divination, initiations and purification ceremonies. Copal is also used in the Inipi Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) to carry our prayers to Great Spirit. Copal is the Frankincense of the Western Hemisphere.  $2.95 SALE $2.50  SOLD OUT
Four Directions Incense Blend brings together sacred herbs for each of the cardinal directions. East—Tobacco; South– Desert & White Sage; West—Cedar; North—Sweetgrass  $2.50 SALE $2.00 (½ oz pkg)
Frankincense – Frankincense is the resin of the sacred Boswellia tree and has been used since ancient times  When burned, frankincense raises the vibrations in the area, driving out negativity.  $2.25 SALE $1.90
Frankincense & Myrrh – Two favorite resins join together in this blend of Frankincense and Myrrh for Healing, Purification & Spirituality.  $3.50 SALE $3.00
Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)—Myrrh was used in the temple of Isis. Good for meditation and contemplation. Burned for banishing negativity, protection and release. $2.95 SALE $2.50

Choose: Incense or Resin

Totem Spirit StonesSpirit StonesTotem Stones are created by carving totem animals into polished tumbled gemstones to unite the healing property of the stone with the attributes of the totem animal. Every Purchase receives a FREE animal totems energy stone card. Gemstones are a product of nature and as such we have no control over size, shape, or any imperfections. Colors and shapes shown below are just an example of the stone. Sorry, gemstone choice is not available.

Choose from the following Totem Spirit Stones –
$6.25 SALE $5.50 +free shipping
Click to enlarge image

Choose Stone – Bear to Dolphin


Choose Stone – Dragon – Hummingbird

Choose Stone – Lizard – Spider

Choose Stone – Squirrel – Wolf Paw