Shamanic Animal Communication & Healing

Debbie Gent - Animal-Communicator

When things just aren’t going well for your animal companion, and everything you have done just doesn’t seem to help him/her get well, or their behavior is an issue, Shamanic Animal Communication and Healing, may be just what your companion needs.

 Shamanic Animal Communication and Healing Can Help:

  • Heal from physical trauma such as surgery (spaying, neutering), car accidents, cancer, broken bones, endocrine and hormonal imbalances or abuse
  • Understand and address family dynamics Clarifying misunderstanding between you and your animal companion
  • Mediating issues with other animals in the household (sometimes just allowing the animal to have their say about the problem helps)
  • Uncover clues about physical, emotional and behavioral problems
  • Negotiate solutions to behavior problems
  • Relieve your animal companion of the responsibilities and burdens they take on for their human caregivers
  • Assist in making End-of-Life choices for your beloved companion
  • Escorting your deceased companion’s spirit to the “other world”
  • Reveal shared past lives and new incarnations
Debbie Gent is a Shamanic Practitioner/ Healer and Animal Communicator. She has been assisting people and their animal companions for almost two decades, helping them to deal with life’s challenges and to connect with their spirits to allow healing, a deeper relationship with their care givers and a fuller life.

How Shamanic Animal Communication Sessions Work

Debbie uses the process of “Shamanic Journeying” to connect with and communicate with your animal companion to assess his/her needs on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. In this shamanic journey, she enters a trance-like state and “journeys” to the world of Spirit to connect with her spirit helpers, then, they visit your animal in this non-ordinary reality. Here she and her helpers “talk” with your companion’s spirit to:
  • Gather information on specific conditions or issues. These are items that either you or your animal need clarified, such as behavior problems, integrating new family members (both human and animal). It can also simply be information you want to relay to your companion or information he/she has for you.
  • Receive suggestions from the spirit helpers or requests from the animal for lifestyle changes – these may include things like changing diet, exercise, and there was a time that one ask for a different blanket and place to nap.
  • Perform healing in their energy body. Working at this level, we can clean and repair the energy body, thus allowing healing to filter down into the animal’s physical body. As “spirit healers” shamans understand that the spiritual/physical body relationship is essential to optimum health.
  • Retrieve any parts of their spirit that have split off. Animals that have had a trauma of any kind, physical, psychological or emotional, just like their human caregivers.  These traumas include things such as abuse, accidents, surgery (spaying, neutering, declawing), cancer, tumors, digestive upsets, parasites and separation traumas (being lost or simply left alone during the day). They react in the same way as humans when they are frightened, and can leave a “soul piece” as their survival mechanism.
  • Sometimes her spirit helpers give her instructions to enhance the healing process. These may involve instructions for giving vitamins or herbs, and diet and/or lifestyle changes. They may recommend all natural, vibrational formulas, called flower essences for your animal to take for a short period of time to help balance out any emotional and energetic imbalances your companion may have. When these are taken in conjunction with a Shamanic Animal Communication and Healing session, the results can quite often be profound and swift.

The Difference Between Shamanic Animal Communication And Telepathic Animal Communication

Shamanic animal communication differs from telepathic communication in a couple of ways. First, in shamanic communication the facilitator always works with spirit helper. This spirit guides them quickly and surely to your animal companion, diagnoses the situation and gives clear and helpful advice and can interpret confusing information when necessary. Next, unlike telepathic animal communication, shamanic animal communication is not “real time”. There is no back and forth between you and your animal companion. All questions must be prepared in advance, so that they can be asked of your companion in the altered state journey. But the most important difference is that during a shamanic animal communication journey, Debbie’s spiritual guides also performs the healing work, as necessary, for the animals. Healing occurs on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels allowing them to lead a fuller, healthier life.
Note – Shamanic healing does not take the place of traditional veterinary or medical care. We must certainly address body-oriented disorders through the use of traditional veterinary specialists. However, many conditions are not strictly physiological in origin, and as a shamanic practitioner, I believe that animals and humans alike would be well served by adding an alternative compliment to their healing plan. Shamanic practices enhance traditional care, support recovery and do not negatively affect any treatment or procedure.

How May We Assist Your Animal Companion Today?

Services include, but are not limited to:
Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Reptiles, and any of Mother Nature’s four-footed, feathered, finned and scaled creatures.
We also perform Shamanic Healing for your companion’s human caregivers.