Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying —

Mark in MN says

“I have taken several SR journeys with Gary and Debbie. Once I was privileged enough to do a live journey with Gary. The rest have all been remote and these are just as effective as a live journey.

Debbie and Gary are awesome, down to earth, good people. True Shamans in every sense of the term. The journeys have always been beneficial for me. Although I usually just allow Spirit to guide the journeys, Debbie and Gary will ask if you have specific issues in your life to journey on.

They explain what they experienced in the journeys in a very conversational, easy to comprehend style. Both are very open to answering any questions you may have and they ask questions to bring even greater insight and clarity into the journeys.

During the SRJ, they also clean up your chakras and perform extractions. Extractions clear up any other energy blocks you may have. They also clearly explain what they found and what they did to clear up the blockages. Although they never preach, they offer suggestions to keep your energy open and flowing.

Their followup calls are another great resource for clarification on the journeys and what you have experienced since the journey.

They never pressure you to take another journey, they just want you to listen to your heart and Soul.

Their love for everyone, everything and their joy in what they do comes through in every conversation.

I will be journeying with the Gent’s again, and again. Great people. If you have an opportunity to either journey in person and/or attend their drumming circles, I would highly recommend doing so.

From Judith in NJ —

“A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first “journey”. How wonderfully convenient to have Gary journey for me while I was 2500 miles away in my own home. We had an appointment to discuss the results of the journey by phone. I had never worked with Gary before, but I had been referred to him by someone I trusted.

 I was amazed by the accuracy of the work done by Gary and his guides. The information and “pieces” he brought back were extremely relevant for me. Working with the pieces over the subsequent thirty days was a fascinating part of the experience and gave me some important insights into my present life situation. I am eagerly awaiting my next journey!”

Marcy in MA writes—

“Learning to journey with Gary has brought me inspiration on my spiritual path. I learned how to use Shamanism as tool for helping to deal with all sorts of things from personal growth to helping with natural disasters. I hope to continue to learn and grow with him on my journey through this life.

Having Debbie journey for me absolutely blew me away. We had never even met in person, and still she was able to help me to resolve issues in my personal life. She also was able to point to areas of my physical body that need work. My spirit has soared through the work I have done at her suggestion. My journey was in July, and now at the beginning of October I am still finding things from my journey to work on for my own improvement in all areas. She is a highly skilled Shaman and an inspiration for me to keep practicing Shamanism myself.”

From Susan in NM —

“My Five Day Intensive Retreat with Gary was, in reality, full of miracles. I faced long-held fears, released them and literally reconnected with my own power. Gary was a genuine loving presence and guide throughout. The experience was extremely challenging yet exhilarating. And I knew with vivid clarity that I was loved and support by all my relations every step of the way.”

Kay in Canada says —

“What an amazing way to gain insight and get unstuck! Debbie offered creative ‘scenes’, with compassion and humor, to help me identify, understand and let go of ‘stuff’ that has been weighing heavy and draining my energy.

She gave me some recommended reading that resonated immediately and mixed a Bach Flower remedy that has helped me to remember colorfully vibrant dreams bringing me insights as well as a wonderful sense of serenity and connection to a magical source.

I now work consciously to nip in the bud my tendency to follow down a negative road leading to anxiety and self-doubt when I am feeling stressed out; a path that has dogged me for longer than I’m probably aware of.”

From Deb in NJ — 

“I’ve worked with Gary for many years and the changes and growth in my very being have been profound. However, these changes could not have happened if it were not for the fact that Gary is a true facilitator. The empowerment I’ve gained, I feel is mine – not from a hidden or imposed agenda from Gary. The process is real – there have been tears of grief, joy and great releases – the emotions run the gamut, but most of all there is laughter – a most powerful healing tool.

Having hosted Gary many times, I have described his training as that from lineage. He is not some one who has attended weekend training courses or “read a book” and makes claim to what he can do. Gary walks his talk and his path….but as a human, not a self proclaimed demi-god or healer. And his laughter is infectious, as well as an incredible role model to learn how to laugh at ourselves — and that helps us break down our own barriers and blockages.

A few of the benefits and transformations in my life from this connection:

  • A healthier and happier relationship with my mother, before the dementia set in, allowing me to love and honor her and be free of “unresolved issues”.
  • Gaining the strength and courage to get out of a most unhealthy long-term marriage and face a new life at the age of 50.
  • Becoming more aware of the choices/options available to me and accepting the responsibility of my choices — it’s actually easier to accept that responsibility than to live with denial.

How this has integrated into my life work could fill several chapters of that book I’m not writing…yet. 🙂

The most recent journeys have left me with “Just Smile and Nod” (go to Shaman’s Blog, September 7, 2008) – I retrieved all pieces held by an individual from this life and all past lives (and gave back all piece I held – it’s a two way street!) and I am only beginning to process and integrate the intensity of this experience — with a great deal of joy and laughter!”