De’ja’vu – A Past Life Regression Workshop

Experience a Past Life with Debbie Gent, CHt

Past-life regression offers us insights and revelations about the journey of our soul. Exploring our past lives can help us gain information to empower our present lifetime.

Some issues we can explore in past life regression include:

  • life purpose
  • hidden talents and abilities
  • limiting beliefs
  • fears and phobias
  • blocked creativity
  • addictions
  • health problems

You can discover how past choices or behaviors may be affecting your present life or explore past relationships to gain an understanding of and/or heal current relationships.

The time between lifetimes can also be examined with past life regression. Most of us came into this world loaded with old, old baggage. Past life regression helps you unpack!

This evening will be a fun, light and entertaining workshop. In this workshop we will explore one past life experience.

For past life regression therapy to explore in depth personal issues, please contact Debbie Gent.