Creating The Sacred Drum

A Drum Making Workshop

Making your own drum begins a journey as you give birth to this instrument of Spirit. This drum making playshop involves not only the learning of a physical skill but also a journey into the realm of Spirit.

Ceremonies are done throughout the day to connect you to the spirits of the animal and tree that provide the hide and the hoop, as well as the spirit of the drum.

Birthing your drum begins a relationship of healing,learning and teaching between you and Spirit through the drum as it sings its song.

“I attended the very first drum making workshop offered by Debbie & Gary and then took the workshop again a couple years later and made a second drum.
This was an incredibly fulfilling experience! Participating the creation of “your own” drum, from the preparation of the material, building of the drum and the birthing of the drum was very rewarding. My original drum is nearly ten years old now and still playing strong. There is a bond between the drum and I that is different from all my other purchased drums(I have 6 drums).
I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wishes to have a drum, it will be an experience that you will cherish for a long time. ” Marvin, Tempe AZ

Energy Exchange includes all materials to birth a 15″ Elk hide drum on a cedar hoop and drum beater.

We will be working outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Bring a sack lunch. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Don’t miss out on this great playshop!