Communicating With Your Animal Spirit Guides

In walking our path through life, we at times, feel like we are alone on the path. This is not the case, as we always have assistance and companionship available to us on an individual basis. This playshop is to assist you in connecting with your animal guide and developing a working relationship which provides companionship, assistance and guidance.

In this playshop you will:

  • Travel to and connect with your animal guide.
  • Bring your animal guide back with you to interact with in your daily life.
  • Practice in communicating with your animal guide.
  • Learning your guides language of expression.
  • Practice in asking and receiving response with your animal guide.
  • Experience the essence of your animal guide through visualization, movement and dance.

Come join the fun and spend the day meeting and playing with your new helpers.


“Very powerful and awesome. Thank you!” Kim, NJ