Shamanic Intensive – Individual Retreat

The Shamanic Intensive – Individual Retreat is instrumental in removing fears, blocks, resistances and unhealthy patterns which brings clarity, choice and freedom of self for the individual(s), as well as allowing movement into your center of power and opening your abilities. Your gain and accomplishment in this retreat is priceless and is a true investment in yourself.

Activities during the Retreat includes:

  • Learning the Shamanic Journey Procedure
  • Connecting with your Shamanic Animal Guide
  • Connecting with your Chief Guide and Teacher(s)
  • Collecting your Shamanic Tools and Shamanic Clothing
  • Self journeys to your place of Safety/Rejuvenation
  • Past life journeys
  • Journeys to recover your Divine Feminine and Masculine selves
  • Journeys to resolve specific fears and blocks
  • Journeys to bring aspects of self into balance (shadow, ego, mental, etc.)

Additional Activities May Include:

  • Earth Chakra/Light Body practice
  • Shamanic Breath Work for Creative Energy Movement
  • Sacred Ash Ceremony
  • Feather Healing Ceremony
  • Mirror Work
  • Receiving Practice
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony
  • Scared Fire Ceremony

Description of Activities

Shamanism is a path of healing through inner awareness, rituals, ceremonies, journeys, and meditation. Shamanism is also a way to give honor to all living things and learn what they have to tell us. It is communication with “All that is.” Through the use of these shamanic tools, Gary Gent facilitates this one-on-one intensive program based on the indigenous teachings of self healing and balancing, which is a vehicle to one’s self.

Medicine Tools

Throughout this retreat, you acquire various tools for use in Self-healing.

Soul recovery and Extraction –

The soul recovery allows for you to retrieve your lost soul pieces and to burn contracts that are no longer serving you. In this tradition, burning signifies the end of a contract. The extraction process removes negativities, spiritual parasites, energetic blocks, self created protections which are blocking you now and energetic controls accepted from others from the client.

Communication with Guides –

You journey to meet your spiritual council and your animal guides. You will learn how to set up an ongoing dialog with your council and guides.

Counsel with Aspects of Self –

You learn to counsel with many aspects of the Self to create balance. You use the journey tools to bring to the surface in you the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects. Any aspect of self that is not in connection with the conscious self creates an internal struggle for acknowledgment, approval and to have a voice or be heard. You create a “boardroom” with space for your CEO (heart) and places for all aspects of self to be present and heard (ego self, mental Self, emotional self, spiritual self, injured self, shadow self, child self and the other various aspects of Self) around the table. Eventually, they meld into a single person.

Practices and Ceremonies

Throughout the intensive program, ceremonies are used to bring about an integration and clearing of our multidimensional selves, and for bringing balance which promotes healing on all levels of our self.

Earth Chakra/Light Body Practice –

Through working with your earth chakra, you learn a medical intuitive process you can use to check your organs and energy systems. Also, you will learn to communicate with all of your relations (tree, stone, plants, animals) and to energetically connect with other beings, as well as interpersonally. You learn to bring in your guides for help to do extractions, learn grounding methods and how to connect with the Great Spirit or Source.

Shamanic Breath Work for Creative Energy Movement –

Daily, you experience the power of shamanic breathing to move your sexual, creative energy each morning and evening. Shamanic breathing helps us breath in a deeper and more relaxed manner, and helps foster awareness of the movement of energy through the chakras or energy centers of the human body, resulting in deep sensory integration. Conscious movement of our creation energy promotes healing and balancing on all levels of self and develops awareness of your energy systems.

Sacred Ash Ceremony –

This ceremony allows for enhanced healing and opens the connection to Self and the consciousness of the energy system. Sacred ash from an Inipi or sweat lodge fire is used. Your body is coated with the ash, energetically enveloping your body from head to toe. This process lights the creation fire with in you.

Feather Healing Ceremony –

In this ceremony, the Eagle Spirit is called upon to heal you without interference from other people. This allows Spirit to shift at the core level by placing a feather on each chakra. This ceremony is repeated three times during the five days.

Mirror Work –

Throughout the program, mirror work may be done – an eye connection to the Self and the faces of past lives. You will use this journeying process to gather and see buried information which allows you to see the patterns you have controlling your life. Once these patterns are brought into your awareness, you then have a choice whether to keep them or not.

Receiving Practice-

You will practice receiving without an expectation of having to give back simply because you received.

Sacred Pipe Ceremony-

During this ceremony, you will state your intention of what you wish to get out of the 5-day intensive. The pipe ceremony is used to communicate your intention directly to the Great Spirit via the pipe’s smoke. It is a time to remove fears, blocks, resistances, etc.

Sacred Fire Ceremony-

A fire ceremony allows you to offer or surrender things to the fire as a form of releasing and transforming them.

“”My Five Day Intensive Retreat with Gary was, in reality, full of miracles. I faced long-held fears, released them and literally reconnected with my own power. Gary was a genuine loving presence and guide throughout. The experience was extremely challenging yet exhilarating. And I knew with vivid clarity that I was loved and support by all my relations every step of the way.” Susan M, NM read more testimonials


This intensive is like a birthing process to rebirth the Self. You will explore a place of rejuvenation where you learn to conference with your guides, ask questions, listen for information and gain awareness at many levels. You will develop tools and abilities to use for all of your life.

This process is a powerful vehicle to the ultimate knowing of Self. If you are considering doing this Retreat, you need to be willing to drop all your created protections and blocks to achieve the transformative shift into Self. By doing this retreat you are placing value in self which is priceless.

Prerequisites Private Soul Recovery journey with Gary Gent or Debbie Gent, by phone or in person.
Retreat Fee Contact Gary Gent
Deposit $1000 non-refundable deposit due at time of scheduling, balance due three weeks prior to start
Retreat Place Lodging for 5 days and 6 nights at “The Rockwood” at Shaman’s Grove in Grants Pass, OR, plus meal costs are included.
Travel Expenses Your transportation costs to Medford, OR are additional. Transportation from Medford International Airport to/from Shaman’s Grove is included in your retreat fee.
Time Daily from the time we wake to the time we retire for the night.
Reentry Two to three days for reentry to your life is recommended but not required.
Reservation Contact Gary Gent  to schedule your Shamanic Intensive Retreat