Participant Testimonials

Comments from some shamanic retreat participants…

Deborah S, DVM – “I am deeply honored to have been able to attend Gary’s Five Day Shamanic Intensive Individual Retreat. My life is changed forever. I had the experience of spending five days straight with someone looking at and listening to ME. Never have I been so amazingly deliciously incredibly accepted with such a patient, kind and comforting presence. Gary’s considerable experience allowed him the insight to help me progress and to pull apart the puzzle of me- the pieces had been scattered all throughout me. He helped me to look at every piece, repair it, love it, and put the puzzle back and seal the pieces together where they should be: in my heart. I feel so intensely much better. Calmer. Happier. More accepting of myself and others. More focused on my lifes purpose. The feeling of who I am is now known and central to me. And I am full of energy like never before. And I love it. If you feel that you are in a place of needing self exploration and healing, I highly recommend this experience.”


Susan M. in NM – “My Five Day Intensive Retreat with Gary was, in reality, full of miracles. I faced long-held fears, released them and literally reconnected with my own power. Gary was a genuine loving presence and guide throughout. The experience was extremely challenging yet exhilarating. And I knew with vivid clarity that I was loved and support by all my relations every step of the way.”

Ian P. in the UK says – “It is difficult to put in to words just how profound my experience has been with Gary on our shamanic retreat. I feel like I have come home. I now experience deep self respect, courage, vitality and wholeness The course has awakened in me a deep nourishing connection to the earth and opened my heart to all that is present in creation. I have more love to give, more inner peace, more stillness, gratitude, and definitely a whole more happiness! Perhaps the most important element of the course is that it has given me the tools to make the conscious choice to bring these qualities into being.On the 5 day journey Gary was an ever present source of love, listening, understanding. but beware, if you get a little too serious, he will soon have you bent double with laughter.

I cannot recommend the shamanic training highly enough, it has been an absolute joy and will have a lasting impact for the rest of my days on earth.Thank you Gary!”