Shamanic Retreats

Shamanic Intensive – Individual Retreat

The Shamanic Intensive – Individual Retreat is instrumental in removing fears, blocks, resistances and unhealthy patterns which brings clarity, choice and freedom of self for the individual(s), as well as allowing movement into your center of power and opening your abilities. Your gain and accomplishment in this retreat is priceless and is a true investment in yourself.

Activities during the Retreat includes:

  • Learning the Shamanic Journey Procedure
  • Connecting with your Shamanic Animal Guide
  • Connecting with your Chief Guide and Teacher(s)
  • Collecting your Shamanic Tools and Shamanic Clothing
  • Self journeys to your place of Safety/Rejuvenation
  • Past life journeys
  • Journeys to recover your Divine Feminine and Masculine selves
  • Journeys to resolve specific fears and blocks
  • Journeys to bring aspects of self into balance (shadow, ego, mental, etc.)

Additional Activities May Include:

  • Earth Chakra/Light Body practice
  • Shamanic Breath Work for Creative Energy Movement
  • Sacred Ash Ceremony
  • Feather Healing Ceremony
  • Mirror Work
  • Receiving Practice
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony
  • Scared Fire Ceremony

This intensive is like a birthing process to rebirth the Self. You will explore a place of rejuvenation where you learn to conference with your guides, ask questions, listen for information and gain awareness at many levels. You will develop tools and abilities to use for all of your life.

This process is a powerful vehicle to the ultimate knowing of Self. If you are considering doing this Retreat, you need to be willing to drop all your created protections and blocks to achieve the transformative shift into Self. By doing this retreat you are placing value in self which is priceless.

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