Mother Drum’s Story

In 2001, Gary was gifted with a phenomenal drum, hand made by a friend in Wisconsin.

“Mother” entered our lives and she was introduced to the world in the midst of a wilderness workshop Gary and Debbie were facilitating. Debbie had kept everyone down by the fire at the sweat lodge and several of the men had left to “get supplies”.

Through the darkness, those at the fire could hear drumming. Were they hearing the Ancestors enjoying our ceremony? As they looked around, they could begin to see a small light, as the men made a processional through the darkness beating on the drum as they approached.

What an outstanding sight! It was with this vision of ancient times that Mother was born into her role as the focal point of group gatherings.

Mother was carefully transported home to Phoenix and has been the center of many circles and ceremonies, including monthly drum circles that Gary and Debbie host.

After some time in the Gent household, Mother began to reveal another purpose to Debbie. The seed was planted that a CD was to be born. As this seed began to grow, Debbie was gifted with the vision to create the CD. After searching for someone who understood Shamanic drumming to assist with the recording, a young recording arts student, James Lynch, joined their drum circle, and all the components for completion of the vision were gathered together. On December 20, 2003, Mother was transported to the recording studio and with Gary and Debbie stroking the drum, James recording and Spirit over looking the whole process the first and final recording was born.

As this vision came to fruition, it brought more light to an old vision that Gary and Debbie have carried since they stewarded their acreage in Oregon. They have had a vision of building a retreat – a place to hold wilderness workshops, to provide a space for people to make a connection with Mother Earth, and a place to bring other teachers to gift their teachings.

So, in true tradition of the Circle of Life, the completion of one vision began the next.

Recently, Gary and Debbie have acquired property in Southern Oregon, near Grants Pass, for the retreat.