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Note: Winter 2015 is our last newsletter. We will be posting all articles and information at Shaman’s Blog and on Shamanic Connection’s Facebook Page

Winter Blessings & Changes at Shamanic Connection – Winter 2015
And with all these things keeping us busy, we’ve realized we need to make some changes in how we keep in touch with you … our friends, clients and “family of choice”. Debbie’s been going crazy trying to keep up with the newsletters (which she says she’s failed miserably with this year), two blogs, two websites, Facebook (another ball dropped) and life. So for 2015, we’ve decided to stop our quarterly newsletters. Don’t worry, we’re not going away. We’re going to make it easy for us to stay in contact, just no newsletters. One of the blogs Debbie writes, Shaman’s Blog, will become our main format for informational posts.…read newsletter

The Worlds of the Shaman – Spring 2014

We often hear that the shaman travels “between worlds”. When asked how we travel through time to recover soul pieces, we often say it is because in the dimensions we travel, there is no time, space or distance. That the spirit world is non-linear. So, what are those other worlds or dimensions we travel in?…read newsletter

Cleansing Your Stones & Crystals – Winter 2013/2014

As shamans, we often call upon the Stone People to assist us with healing, protection or attracting specific energies. As more and more folks are learning about the power of stones and crystals, their use has become more common. The question often comes up about how to clear/cleanse their new stones and crystals…  read newsletter

Asking the Right Questions – Fall 2013
How many times have we ask a question and the answer we get is no where close to what we wanted, or get no response at all? This happens all too often for most of us. Learning the art of asking is a start, but more important is asking with correct intent and phrasing …  read newsletter

Advice From A Tree – Summer 2013
Advice from a Tree by Ilan Shamir ~ Dear Friend, Stand Tall and Proud — Sink your roots deeply into the Earth … We invite you to enjoy this summer and seek the wisdom of the Standing Ones in your area. Invite them to share their stories with you …  read newsletter

Shamanism & Spring Cleaning – Spring 2013
Spring is a great time for smudging your home to remove any negative energy that has accumulated over the winter. Gather your smudge stick and bowl and begin …  read newsletter

Winter Gardening – Your Sacred Garden – Winter 2012/2013
Your Sacred Garden operates by four basic rules: 1. Everything there is symbolic of some aspect of you or your life experience. 3. Everything can be changed…  read newsletter

Grounding – Fall 2012
This quarter’s article is a simple, quick grounding visualization to help you center yourself and ground in the energy of Mother Earth…  read newsletter

Nature Wise – Summer 2012
Nature offers us healing, wisdom and an opportunity to connect with the sacred. We are blessed by nature. It touches each of us in personal and special ways…  read newsletter

Manifesting Our Dream – Spring 2012
Shamanic Connection will have a new home in the next couple of weeks! We asked that the property present itself and any blocks in the process be cleared. Spirit had this property just waiting for us…  read newsletter

The Void and the Empty Chalice – Winter 2011/2012
This is the time of the void (the empty chalice)…the very holy pause from which new life will be birthed from the divine spark of inspiration when Spring draws near…  read newsletter

Aspects of Self – Who’s Driving Your Bus? – Summer 2011
How many times have we done something totally marvelous, or dumb, rude, mean or off the wall and then looked back and said “Did I REALLY do that?…  read newsletter

Helping Our Animal Companions – Spring 2011
Animals too have lessons their soul must learn in this lifetime. Some of their paths are not easy and they experience trauma that causes their spirit to split…  read newsletter

Winter Solstice Celebrations – Winter 2010/2011
The Winter Solstice is celebrated in many traditions around the globe. Here are some suggestions for celebrating the “longest night”…  read newsletter

Lions & Tigers & Bears – Oh My – Animal Spirit Guides – Fall 2010
Animal spirit guides have come to teach you more about your personality, your spirit and spiritual gifts. It helps guide you, answers questions and provides…  read newsletter

The Center of the Medicine Wheel – Summer 2010
The center of the medicine wheel is the Great Mystery, the all and nothing. It is where we learn about ourselves, our ability to create, about our faith, joy…  read newsletter

The North Gate of the Medicine Wheel – Winter 2009
North is often associated with winter. It is the time when things appear to be sleeping, yet it is the time when the deepest growth occurs…  read newsletter

The West Gate of the Medicine Wheel – Fall 2009
When we move into the west gate, we harvest and share our wisdom. It is the time when we learn what we hold sacred and what is truly sacred in the universe…  read newsletter

The South Gate of the Medicine Wheel – Summer 2009
In the south is when what we planted in the spring grows rapidly reaching toward our goals so quickly that we are learning to trust the path Spirit has laid out for us…  read newsletter

Step Into the Medicine Wheel & The East Gate – Spring 2009
We enter the medicine wheel in the East. The place of the new day feeling ourselves ready to begin anew. The guardian of the East Gate is the Eagle…  read newsletter

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