About Shamanic Connection

Gary Gent and Debbie Gent a.k.a. Shamanic Connection are Shamanic Facilitators from Grants Pass, Oregon. Their mission is to help people to reconnect with themselves, Spirit and Mother Earth through Shamanic healing practices. They view their role as two fold — to assist our clients in reacquiring the tools for their growth and then to hold a safe space for them to do their work. It is by using these new tools that growth and healing happen.

They reside in a lovely forest near the Rogue River, called Shaman’s Grove. Daily visitors include several herd of deer, crows, ravens, and rabbits.

Gary and Debbie came together as life partners over four decades ago, neither of them seeing the journey on which they had embarked.

Gary Gent is a traditionally trained Shaman of Cherokee/Irish descent. Gary began his shamanic training at the age of six. His father was one-quarter Eastern Cherokee of the Wolf Clan and what Gary calls a “Closet Shaman”. As is typical with traditional training, Gary’s training began without explanation spending many hours on focus and concentration exercises, as well learning to work with Spirit, animals, and nature. After experiencing “life” for a time, Gary was called to finish his training.

As Gary returned to his shamanic studies, Debbie began refining the psychic and healing abilities whose use were forbidden throughout her childhood. Her close connection with Mother Earth and the Elemental realm assisted her in the teachings of their two children and raising them in a shamanic household, as well as taught her much about plants and animals. She has also relearned a number of body/mind/soul healing modalities including shamanic training, hypnosis, flower essences, Reiki, aromatherapy, and energy balancing.

Together, they began walking the shamanic path and helping others regain their connections with Spirit and Mother Earth. Their journeys have taken them many places in the US, Canada and Europe. They currently reside in rural Southern Oregon, walking a shamanic path in their daily lives.

Gary Gent is a Shamanic Practitioner and Coach, doing journeys or shamanic healings, both in-person or by phone consultations. He conducts workshops (or “playshops” as Gary and Debbie call them) on soul recovery, energy work and connecting with self, spirit and nature — walking a shamanic path.

Debbie Gent also works as a Shamanic Practitioner and Coach incorporating both the Native American and Celtic shamanic practices in her work. She is  also our resident “Animal Whisperer”, communicating with the animals during their journeys. Debbie has studied a number of body/mind/soul therapies and draws on these many skills and blends these disciplines into her nurturing style. She also conducts self-empowerment workshops such as Reclaiming the Goddess Within, Shadow Process and Past Life Regression, as well as facilitating group hypnosis programs and performing Comedy Hypnosis shows (Laughter is the best medicine!).

Gary and Debbie co-create workshops and conduct ceremonies such as sweat lodges, naming ceremonies and weddings. Both are Ministers and Diplomats of Earth Stewardship of The International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.


After almost three decades of helping people recover their fragmented soul pieces to live more whole and balanced lives, retirement lanethe time has come for us to begin a new journey into retirement. We are still available to our long term clients but will no longer be accepting new clients.

Gary is still offering individual shamanic retreats and Shaman’s Marketplace is still open offering smudging supplies, rattles and other shamanic tools.

For more info, see the Contact Us page for referrals.

Thank you to all who have shared the last thirty plus years with us though lots of laughter and some tears. We are excited to embark on our new journeys.